Venture Capital From Experienced Executives

Goose Capital is an investment firm comprised of former Fortune 500 executives, industry leaders, and serial entrepreneurs. We invest in breakthrough technologies and innovative founders.

Our investment Thesis

We look for emerging technology, determined founders,
and companies that are changing the landscape of their industries.

Emerging Technology

We want to see emerging technology get to market. We partner with founders across the country to turn technology projects into viable early stage companies.

Determined Founders

We know the struggles of early stage founders. We know what it takes to lead Fortune 500 companies. We know how to spot others with that same determination.

Landscape Changers

Our investors have changed the landscape of their respective industries. If they invest in your company, they'll roll up their sleeves to mentor you to help you do the same.

We Believe in taking
Giant Leaps

Goose Capital began 15 years ago as a small group of executives committed to supporting emerging entrepreneurs, and has evolved into a professional investment organization providing capital, mentorship and board members to early-stage companies. Since 2005, we have been investing our time and money in entrepreneurs who are focused on reshaping their corner of the world. The companies they launch can re-shape and forge the future across all industries.

We Believe the Future
is Here...

We want to fund the innovative early stage companies who are disrupting their space. Goose Capital invests around $10 million per year, and currently has over 20 companies in its portfolio, financing multiple early stage companies every year.  We deliver unique value to company founders through the experience, advice, mentorship and contacts of Goose Capital members.

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