Venture Capital from Industry Titans

GOOSE is an exclusive group of Fortune 500 executives, successful entrepreneurs, industry titans, and global super-connectors investing in deep tech and tough tech startups.

Silicon Valley insight meets Houston grit

A History of Launching Game Changers

Jack Gill (Silicon Valley VC) and Rod Canion (Founder, CEO of Compaq Computers) launched GOOSE in 2005 as a vehicle to invest in startups developing bleeding edge technologies. Since then, enterprise leaders across numerous industries have joined our ranks, and we’ve invested $55 million in tech and teams that are changing the landscapes of these industries.

Diving Deep

“GOOSE Capital is a one of a kind investor. Not only do they have the appetite for revolutionary new technology, they come with the broad expertise required to help companies get these products to market. If you are an early stage company with an advanced technology that could have a big impact on the future, GOOSE is someone you should be talking to."

Trevor Best
Founder, CEO of Syzygy Plasmonics