Brian Patterson

Board of Directors
, GOOSE Capital
Goose Capital Board Member & Serial entrepreneur in real estate, technology and energy

Mr. Brian Patterson is the founding partner of Archive Management Solutions, AIG/Lincoln and Plus Energia.

In 1996, he and his partner Tom Keller started Archive Management Solutions which became the dominant player int he record management industry in Poland.  In 2006, Iron Mountain purchased a 20% stake in AMS and the company was re-branded as Iron Mountain Poland.  Iron Mountain purchased the balance of Iron Mountain Poland in 2011.  In 2014, Brian and Tom sold their shares to Iron Mountain after a 2006 50/50 joint venture with Iron Mountain to enter the Eastern European markets.  At exit, the company had over 1,500 employees.

In 1997, Mr. Patterson became a founding partner of AIG/Lincoln and the Managing Partner for operations in Poland and (in 2001) Russia.  AIG/Lincoln has become one of the largest property management companies in the region with 50 successful projects totaling more than 27 million square feet across Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2009, Mr. Patterson started a successful energy distribution company, Plus Energia, in Poland when the market was deregulated.  The company continues to operate and grow rapidly.

In 2015, Mr. Patterson bought the balance of the shares he did not already own in the AIG operating company and rebranded the company to White Star Real Estate.  He continues to develop legacy projects in partnership with AIG.

Mr. Patterson was honored in 2012 with the Central and Eastern Europe Quality Lifetime Achievement Award for his activities in the CEE real-estate industry.  He is also a social entrepreneur and has started multiple foundations that level the playing field for children facing adversity.

Mr. Patterson is now an active super angel investor in Houston, TX.

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