Emerge Announces Breakthrough In Ultrasound Sensor Technology To Physically Feel In The Metaverse

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Emerge, a consumer technology company focusing on building the Metaverse, today announced an ultrasound sensor innovation to be incorporated into their forthcoming patented product that enables people to feel connected over distance and time through tangible, immersive experiences.

Emerge is building a family of products that makes it possible for users to physically feel tactile experiences with bare hands in a virtual space without the need of gloves, controllers, or any wearables. The Emerge device uses ultrasound waves to create a tangible mid-air force around virtual objects and interactions. Instead of trying to replicate the feeling of reality, Emerge aims to create a new language of touch that focuses on communicating emotions.

Creating the sense of touch over distance has been a sci-fi pipe dream for decades, but there have been significant limitations in the capabilities of existing sensors that prevented this from becoming a reality at scale.

For the past two years, Emerge has been developing a MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) based solution that utilizes silicon microfabrication techniques to produce a new class of ultrasound emitter that is smaller, more powerful, more precise, and at significantly lower cost than existing solutions. This innovation in MEMS technology will enable Emerge to scale its future products in the metaverse.

"As we progress into this next era of computing and social presence in what is now being widely referred to as 'the metaverse,' we at Emerge are really interested in enabling experiences that bring you closer to the people who matter to you," said Sly Lee, CEO of Emerge. "With great partners, we've innovated at the groundlevel, which now enables a world of benefits and scaling opportunities that just weren't possible before."

For this innovation, Emerge partnered with some of the world's foremost experts in the MEMS field. "I've been in the industry for 40 years and it is quite an achievement for a company to develop a novel MEMS sensor that opens up multiple new industries," said Kurt Petersen one of the world's foremost MEMS experts. "I'm particularly excited to be joining this journey with Emerge as an investor and advisor."

"Our vision is to create consumer experiences where technology is as invisible as possible to the user. This breakthrough allows us to get closer to that future of immersive ambient computing where our products blend seamlessly into our surroundings, putting the human experience first," said Isaac Castro, CTO of Emerge.

Bloomberg recently reported the Metaverse as a $800 billion dollar market opportunity by 2024. Matthew Ball, widely cited as one of the thought leaders in the burgeoning industry, outlines the need for new hardware enablers just as the internet spawned the need for computers and mobile devices.

This announcement proceeds the upcoming SEMI MSEC conference in San Diego, where Dr. Alissa Fitzgerald will present "Building the Metaverse: Scaling Production of PMUTs for the Future of Human Interaction"  and share more information on Emerge's innovation and upcoming MEMS product technology.

About Emerge:
Emerge is building a new paradigm for human connection and interaction by enabling the tactile metaverse. The company has built foundational IP and core tech across hardware and software: acoustic algorithms, proprietary hardware, and the world's first silicon emitter of its class (MEMS) which enables high fidelity touch and scaling opportunities that weren't available with existing emitters. The first step to rolling out the Emerge Platform is a flagship application called Emerge Home™, a virtual gathering space to physically feel, connect and play with your loved ones through visuals, audio, and touch with bare hands. Based in LA, Emerge is backed by a list of great investors including M13, LionTree Partners, and Vulcan Capital.


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