Lantha Sensors Completes Production Facility and Releases Latest Product Update

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 / -- Lantha Sensors, the leading portable chemical analysis solutions provider for chemical detection and measurement processes, today announced that the company has completed the construction of their first automated facility for mass production of test strips for their LanthaISO (isotopic purity determination) and LanthaH2O (moisture detection) platforms. In addition, the company has released the first major product updates since the official launch in March 2020.

Lantha Sensors officially completed the new production facility in the company’s Austin, Texas warehouse and will begin mass production of their proprietary test strips starting this week. The new facility will provide the ability for Lantha Sensors to produce up to 100,000 test strips per month – enabling the company to better serve their target markets of pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical transportation and storage companies, fuel manufacturers and anyone who regularly performs QA/QC chemical analysis using legacy technologies such as Karl Fischer titration or FT-IR tests.

In addition to the new, automated production facility, the company has upgraded the LanthaLux, a handheld digital reader for portable chemical analysis. The latest version now incorporates updated internal components that achieve a 2.5x improvement in light response, leading to improved sensitivity to target analytes and increased testing reliability, especially when testing in the field where users have little to no control over external environmental factors.

“We’ve listened to feedback from users of our LanthaLux system and worked quickly to add the most requested improvements and updates,” stated Rob Toker, Lantha Sensors’ chairman and chief executive officer. “As our R&D improves and widens our target market, we will continue to work with users to improve the platform to best solve the needs of every single user, even when those needs are highly custom. We strive to be the industry ‘go-to’ chemical analysis solution by 2025."

The LanthaLux is a highly portable, handheld data analysis reader with highly accurate, proprietary software that enables the most cost-effective and fast (within five minutes or less) on-the-fly analysis. Coupled with Lantha Sensors’ test strips, the LanthaLux device provides portability and ease of use for a broad range of chemical assays. LanthaLux performs accurate data analysis, eliminating any guesswork from analytical assessments and it increases accessibility to reliable testing methods. LanthaLux is literally a lab in your pocket.

Lantha Sensors can replace the following technologies for specific chemical analysis needs:

• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
• Mass Spectrometry
• Infrared Spectroscopy
• Karl Fischer Titration
• X-ray Fluorescence

For more information on where to purchase Lantha Sensors solutions and service details, visit

About Lantha Sensors
Lantha Sensors is an Austin, Texas-based portable chemical analysis solutions provider combining unparalleled simplicity, speed and accuracy to provide the best possible solutions for the chemical detection and measurement process. The company has offices in Austin and Manor for separate marketing and research operations.


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