Outrider, a GOOSE-backed Company, Launches with $53M in Funding from NEA and 8VC

GOOSE-backed Outrider today announced it has emerged from two years of stealth-mode operation having raised $53 million in funding and deployed initial pilots of its Outrider System, the first-to-market solution focused on autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs.

GOOSE is proud to be co-investors in Outrider with investors such as NEA, 8VC, Koch Disruptive Technologies, Fraser McCombsCapital, Prologis, Inc., Schematic Ventures, Loup Ventures, and other top-tier investors.

“Outrider represents the type of company we at GOOSE want to fund,” says Samantha Lewis Director of GOOSE.  “It is innovative, disruptive, and led by an all-star CEO that has a proven track record in recruiting top talent and top-tier investors.  GOOSE has been withAndrew from the beginning of his entrepreneurial pursuits and, still, he continues to impress us everyday.” 

"The experience of GOOSE membership is unmatched. GOOSE, it's founder Jack Gill, and initial members,Art Ciocca and Rod Canion, played major roles in my entrepreneurial career by funding my first successful clean startup and then becoming seed investors inOutrider," said Andrew Smith, Founder and CEO of Outrider. "Jack Gill's experience as a VC taught me to think big and swing for the fences. Art Ciocca, former Chairman and CEO of the Wine Group, taught me to have an unrelenting focus on customers. And, Rod Canion, co-founder of CompaqComputer, brought his experience to Outrider as our first board member. I am fortunate to have the team at GOOSE by our side again as we officially emerge from stealth and continue to scale the business."

To read the Outrider press release, visit https://www.outrider.ai/press/press-releases/outrider-launches/


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