Saranas receives FDA approval in March, and already reaches another milestone

Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System developed by Saranas, a GOOSE portfolio company, at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston received a much-anticipated FDA approval in March 2019. Saranas Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System detects bleeding in real-time, allowing doctors to act quickly and improve the outcomes of the procedures and recovery of the patient.  

This month, Saranas reached another milestone as a new study validates the effectiveness of the Saranas Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System. The system successfully detected bleeding events during endovascular related procedures on 60 patients enrolled in the study.

This is very important news for patients who need transcatheter aortic valve replacement, or other large-bore endovascular procedures. Currently, one in five patients experience bleeding complications during these procedures. Saranas Early Bird Monitoring System significantly reduces risk of mortality, length of hospital stays, and healthcare costs caused by bleeding complications.

Philippe Genereux, MD, principal investigator, cardiologist and physician at Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, NJ commented on the study results: “This is the first time we’re seeing how this device could help in a real-world patient setting, and we were very encouraged by the results. Right now, patients have a risk of vessel injury when undergoing endovascular procedures where the femoral artery or vein is used for vascular access.” GOOSE is extremely excited about the news. We look forward to support Saranas in reaching their next goals.


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