Alexa Stachowiak

Venture Fellow, GOOSE Capital

Before joining Goose, Alexa went to Rice for her MBA where she transitioned into M&A, buying her first $2M business at 20. As short time into her M&A endeavors, she was inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame alongside inductees such as Mark Cuban, Morten Meyerson, Jeff Hildebrand, Jim Crane, Kendra Scott (and many more). Not long after, the school had nominated her to represent Rice for Future Business Leaders of Tomorrow.

As her network grew, she founded The 1972 fund, which focuses on private funds. Less than 2 weeks after being founded, she landed her first multi-million dollar fund in the litigation funding space. This followed closely with relations into the Abu Dhabi/NewYork Private Equity and Litigation deals by the age of 23. She spends her free time serving on the Executive Leadership Board for Texas Business Hall of Fame and aiding other entrepreneurs into the VC and PE space.

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